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to indoctrinate. the children of scientology and why katie holmes doesn't want her daughter to be one of them. that's coming up. and in the "rewrite" tonight, we'll find out if bill o'reilly is a man of his word. the word being "idiot." that's coming up. lex. and this is what inspires us to create new technology. ♪ technology that connects us to everything the world has to offer and vice versa. ♪ technology that makes lightweight stronger, safer, and faster than ever before. ♪ technology that makes electric electrifying and efficiency exhilarating. ♪ technology that doesn't just drive us, but drives progress. ♪ and driving progress is what we do every day. ♪ ♪ today training depends on technology. and when it takes a battery, there are athletes everywhere who trust duracell. they rely on copper to go for the gold. duracell. trusted everywhere. you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you wanted a firm bed you can lie on one of those. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. wow, that feels really good! once y
the rationing board. plus, new details in the "tomkat" splintery katie holmes planning to sue for sole custody of their daughter based on tom cruise's ties to scientology. just ahead, we will show you the evidence when it comes to scientology that could be her exhibit a. as we celebrate them all of these years of independence today, there are serious questions about just how independent the american people really are. we will bring in stunning statistics. first, "america live" salutes our soldiers and the american flag on this fourth of july. user code is a co ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. megyn: security at the london olympics is getting some serious firepower. britain's ministry of defense is deploying missile systems to protect six of the venues. resident groups are protecting protesting the decision because some of the missiles will be placed in apartments.
weather for that. >> great day. >> yes. >> and still ahead meft-noticeable thing actress katie holmes is doing now that she's filed for divorce. >> and how to use a smart phone for sharing rides, and phone for sharing rides, and trading spaces. i'll have the $4 everyday value slam with... bacon. wait... yeah... well, yeah, bacon. and my eggs sunny side-up. no, umm, over-easy. the $4 everyday value slam. one of 4 great choices for $4 off the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. >>> you probably know the greatest tv generation lost another beloved face. andy griffith died today, probably best known as mayberry sheriff andy tailor and starred on broadway and in the film "a face in the crowd". he had an encore in "matlock". andy griffith was 86. >> katie holmes appears to have a new attitude since filing for divorce according to employees of her local whole foods in new york city. a few weeks ago employees say she got into an angry altercation. now, she the say she smiles and let's customers take pictures of her and her daughter, another says it's like a weight has been lifted and she see
the reaction. >>> also this half-hour with katie holmes seeking her independence from tom cruise some new revelations about how he tried to control her career. a very interesting event that she wanted to do he did not want her to do. maybe one of the other factors that led to the divorce we are seeing now. >> i suspect we will be learning more and more about what is really going on. >> it could open a window to his life, up to the church of scientology, next couple months very interesting what we learn about the world of tom cruise. let's say that. >> absolutely. >>> but first, record high temperatures could turn independence day celebrations into meltdowns in several cities. there are heat advisories in effect for 16 states from the dakotas to the east coast and nearly a million customers are suffering through another day of no electricity. abc's karen travers is covering it all, good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, rob, good morning, sunny. utility companies say they're doing all they can as quickly as they can to get the power back up. but for the people w
. to did jerry mcgwire keep her from getting hired. tom cruise controlled katie holmes controlled her career but she was not allowed to tape at dawson's creek reunion. he really is monster. they were begging for her to side sien on reunion movie. tom said no way, even backward would be going bad and refused for hol tomorrow's sign on to films with sexually compromised signs because scientology folks objected. begged her to fly to iceland where he was making another movie but kate refused. i'm spending it with gutfeld. redeye obtained a sci-fi flick called "oblivion." >> greg: why do that in iceland. they could have done that in my backyard. you have followed this tom cat relationship for years. some say you are an expert. you are looking what is happening now. what in your heart are you feeling? >> i feel a lot of mixed emotions. i go way back when tom and i were good friends. [ laughter ] >> but the only thing i'm really concerned is dawson's creek, i wasn't allowed to watch that. it was the saved by the bell reunion. >> you grew up in a church household. those antics were appropriat
gets. we're going from good to bad. >> katie holmes is in the news. she stepped out. she had a little job yesterday. she had a guest appearance on "project runway." >> already scheduled. >> no one's seen her for the past four days. but she stepped out and the "new york post" is calling it "on guard." she's with a group of bodyguards. she looks happy. on her way to work. out with burly protection. some of the papers are reporting there are some scientology big wig withes who are following her around. but no one confirmed that. >> i don't know if this was necessary. they have her husband in a spacecraft hovering around. i guess an editorial comment. >> really quick. this is a picture of katie holmes without her wedding ring in the car. >> hopefully midblink. >> no one wants to be caught that way. >> i'm interested why she didn't get one of those suvs with all the windows darkened out. >> what else is going on in the world. this isn't such a great announcement in new york, but maybe around the world. he spoke out and came out that he was gay. >> it was not a secret at all to those of us
tom cruise and katie holmes. she is filing for divorce, as you well know. cruise, the box office superstar, is also a high profile scientologist, a religion some consider a cult. let's bring in our religion editor to talk about this. hi, dan. >> hey, carol. >> so let's start off really basic. what exactly is scientology? >> so scientology is a relatively new religion. it was born in the 1950s. and it really revolves largely around practices that deal with the mind. and the thinking is that we have a couple of different kinds of minds. you know, in our head. one of them is an analytical sort of computer like mind that sees the world clearly. and another is a reactive mind. and scientologists believe that the reactive mind kind of processes all of these traumas we experience in this life and also in past lives. so the whole practice of scientology is aimed at reliving those traumas in order to neutralize them and to regain what scientists call that analytical mind. >> so does it have anything to do with aliens? because i hear that a lot. >> well, it's tricky stuff. scientologists w
a student here in boston, oliver wendell holmes wrote a poem about constitution and starts "old ironsides," long has it waived on high and many and i has danced to see that banner in the sky. it goes on to tell the story of constitution saying this wonderfulship shouldn't be scrapped and at least give it a proper burial at sea. we produced newspapers up and down the country so there was a rallying for constitution. people said she must be saved and the navy, in fact, did allocate the funds to save constitution. you can see this image of constitution as the poem described her that if she were to be scrapped instead of scrapping her, said set every thread bear sail and give her to the god of storm, the lightning and the gale. throughout the 1800s constitution served actively in the united states navy. you would have expected this ship to have lasted 15 to 20 years. so launched in 1797. she had her victories during the war of 1812, but she continued in service. the only image of her under sail was 1881. this is off the capes of virginia and she is serving as a training vessel and they would
in boston, oliver wendell holmes wrote a poem about "constitution." it's called "old ironsides." it starts out i tear her tattered ensign down, long has it waved on high. it goes on to tell the story of "constitution" saying this wonderful ship shouldn't be scrapped. if you're going to get rid of it at least give it a proper burial at sea. that was not to be the story. the poem was reproduced in newspapers up and down the country. so there was a rallying for "constitution." people said she must be saved and the navy, in fact, did allocate the funds to save "constitution." you can see this image of "constitution" as the poem described her that if she were to be scrapped instead of scrapping her, the poem says set every threadbare sail and give her to the god of storms, the lightning and the gale. throughout the 1800s "constitution" continued to serve actively in the united states navy. you would have expected this ship to have lasted 15 to 20 years. so launched in 1797. she had her victories during the war of 1812, but she continued in service. the oldest known image of her under sail is he
details emerging about tom cruise and katie holmes' marriage after the announcement they're getting divorced. >> i'm talking about practices. i'm talking about practices. >> what are we talking about? what are we talking about? >> i'm talking about practices. >> we're talking about practice, man. >> we in here talking about practice. i'm here. listen. we're talking about practice. >> i'm herman cain. >> what else is happening in the world? >> so much in the world. >> in my college they used to snort a no-no dose. >> i don't think that was just your college. >> i loved it. >> liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. let's give a lamb a gun! >> it is confusing. >> i think we're missing part of the story. >> it seems to me like the president measures success by how many people are on food stamp rolls and government-run healthcare, that's not the american dream. >> he does not want you to have self-esteem. to have that title of american. he would rather you be his slave. >> why are people so set on sta
from katie holmes, but he's getting a somesome love from hollywood. >> he is worth $75 million. he was way ahead of leonardo dicaprio and adam sanders. tom cruise can credits his success to the mission impossible franchise. >> that is not shabby. the other actors will have to tighten their belts. it is 73 degrees. >> a preview of a july 4th tradition. it is the hot dog eating contest. stuffing their face on the fourth of july. how >> the fourth of july is known for fireworks and cookouts as well as nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island, new york. >> yesterday the contestants gathered with new york city mayor michael bloomberg for the official weigh in. george just not has been the winner five years in a row. and that woman, alexandra thomas has been a winner. >> it is a moment for all new yorkers and all americans to celebrate the inalienable right its bestowed on us by our forefathers, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. for these contestants, that includes eating as many hot dogs as is humanly possible. >> it is about 60 i dogs for them. it has been a tradition
was getting a divorce wiihhkktie holmes.on tuesday... he turned the big 5- oh.and today... he's getting some big recognition from "forbes magazine"... as being the highest-paid actor of the y. pear. pulling in 75-million dollars... tom cruise came in way ahead of his fellow actors... leonardo dicaprio and aaam sandler. cruise has the "miision impossible" franchises' huge success to thank for making his millions. 3coming up... you could win 250-dollars in free grocery... on usshow you can enter in our "giant summer contestt... next. and i'm a burger guy. cheeseburgee's fine with me.// me.// and if you have some last-minute items to bby before your fourth of july cookout... listen up.the two for.s you'll beepaying more - ((break 5)) ((bump in)) evacuate he the national mall tuesday... when thunderstorms rolled throogh the d-c area. theenational syyphony and several others were there or jull 4th concert.the annual concert, known as "a ccpitol fourth"... concludes with the national fireworks display and pill attract hundreds f thoussnds of people to the mall tonight. (toss to weatter))
time home in north carolina. he was 86 years old. and it looks like katie holmes will not be cashing in by leaving "forbes" highest paid actor tom cruise. tmz reports the couple's prenup cuts her out of his fortune. but sources insist katie is fine with that. because she's not about the money. meantime, cruise reportedly met with his lawyers. and gwen stefani is the latest celebrity to host a fundraiser for the president. a $5,000 donation will get you up close with the singer and her special guest, first lady michelle obama. >> i love it. they call it progressive play date because apparently people can bring their children. >> family time. >> the time now is 38 after the top of the hour. and coming up, it is beyond the call of duty for a special group of soldiers. we'll have their stories on this independence day. >> and we're also reading your e-mails and your tweets for this question today. a new study found the secret to what makes somebody cool. we're not talking about temperatures. we're talking about hip and that kind of thing. let us know what you think makes people cool an
katie holmes. they have a pre-nup that will include al mopey but not child support based on 17% of the couple's total income. >>> we are getting our first look at j. k. row willings new book. this is been scribed as a big novel about a small town. she is best known for hugely wildly popular harry potter books, movies and -- >> and everything. paraphernalia. >> yes. >>> all right. rapper pitbull could be sent to a remote city in alaska. he is participating in a promotion with wal-mart and agreed to go to city with the most likes. a viewer joked that he should be sent to alaska. it had 50,000 likes sew far. mr. 305 in alaska. >> that would be great publicity. >> sure. >> i'm sure he would go happily. >> that's something. >>> still ahead, ice cream and the 4th of july. holly is taking us to washington, george washington's home where holly is learning to make the delicious dessert. >>> and in the district, a huge celebration, of course. lots of stars converging on the nation's capital including kool and the gang. we'll sit down with robert kool bell coming up.  max
. >>> katie holmes swarmed by cameras outside hers and daughter suri's new york hideway. >>> plus, inside tom's reported prenup. who could get watt what? >> it's going to limit and dictate the amounts that katie will get. >>> melanie griffith on her
in this case. >>> katie holmes cut ties with her soon to be ex-husband tom cruise. yesterday he fired the security team that cruise hired to protect her and cruise spent his 50th birthday flying home to california from iceland. holmes is in new york with their daughter suri. >> he's 50! tom cruise turned 50. >> he looks the same as when he was 22. >>> because you cannot be one with nature without your iphone, look at that. this wood-burning camp stove doubles as a charger for your gadget. it comes from a company called bio light to generate its own power converting wasted heat into electricity. it has its own usb port. for all the people without power, you know, we keep saying they don't have ac or fans but they can't charge their phones. a lot of people rely on their cell phones and they can't recharge phones right now. >>> a fabulous fourth of july celebration in boston, and dozens of ships are docked for a five-day celebration called harborfest. the "uss constitution" played a key role in the war of 1812, which is in dispute as to who actually won the war, particularly with canadia
by seizures. >>> another sign that the tomkat era is over. katie holmes has fired the security team that tom cruise hired to protect her. cruise spent tuesday, his 50th birthday, flying home to california from iceland where he was filming a movie. holmes is in new york with their daughter, suri. >>> on a positive note, i guess, for tom cruise, he is officially the highest paid actor in the world. forbes magazine says that cruise made $75 million over the last year. that is more than double the next two on the list, adam sandler and leonardo dicaprio. each both home $37 million. duane the rock johnson and ben stiller round out the top five. not a bad payday. >>> we just got some news we're a little disappointed to hear that jeneba tarmoh, the one who was initially declared the victor, did the victory lap, did the press afterwards, sort of relishing in really realizing her dream, and then hours later basically the folks come back to her and say, sorry, this was in fact a dead heat. it was a statistical tie. and so you're seeing the pictures of the woman who was racing with her, allison felix,
birthday this week without katie holmes who filed for divorce last week. >>> a very pregnant snooki still has a few months to go before her due date. she's finding other uses for the baby buggy. she's pushing a stroller of bud lite to her cath members. snooki says she's not drinking these days hoping to have a healthy baby. >>> recently widowed woman facing her 30th anniversary alone today so she sent a tweet to chad ochocinco asking for his prayers. ochocinco replied asking if she had a passport before inviting her to cheer her up to spend the milestone with him at his wedding in st. martin. told her, all she needs to do is bring her smile and dancing shoes as well as an appetite. all right, so it's now 8:04, send it back out to the plaza natalie and willie. >> we're loving ochocinco now even more. >> he gets a lot of heat. one thing to get a response from somebody you worship. >> invite them to the wedding. >> great job. all right. >> still to come. >> what do you say, do a little weather here? >> let's get to stephanie. >> there you are. nice spot, you guys. we have mass -- macy is her
's is a tabloid marriage that's falling apart before our eyes. katie holmes filed for divorce over concerns their daughter would be raised under the church of scientology. use is a devote followers earned the first freedom medal of valor award. the church made this video. >> i said i'm a scientologist. she said yes, but i want to understand who you are. i said read about what scientology is. she said i want to know who you are. i'm a scientologist. >> other celebrity scientologist include actor john travolta and kirstie alley. the church targets the famous. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> you have to walk me through this one. i follow the tabloids and i've been suspect that it's easy to lump in a bunch of people and suggest the church must be going after them but you believe they do? >> it's a fact that the church of scientology is unusual in that it recruits in hollywood and actively targets high-profile people, celebrities. there's a few reasons why they do this. first, we have to remember that scientology movement is relatively new. it was born in the 1950s. the very first church
, and then at the conservative stance from people like jesse holmes, who at the end of his career was talking with bryant -- bono about supporting that issue around the globe. look at ronald reagan, and then fast forward to his vice president's son, george w. bush, who is conservative on many issues but lead on this issue. on this issue, or whether it is gay rights, or woman's reproductive rights, can you imagine a similar transformation happening in conservative figures? >> yes, i always say it is inevitable to us, inconceivable to them, and it is our job to shorten the distance between the inevitable and the inconceivable. it takes our work not only inside to maneuver and persuade, but the outside mobilization it is essential, and in almost every issue the american people are ahead of the elected officials. i had the privilege of being in new york city with some colleagues yesterday with bono, who had worked on the aids issue. we started working with bono on that debt forgiveness issue, the millennium challenge in the jubilee year to end that debt that some many countries were oppressed with. that is the initi
kidman, now katie holmes. is there some significance to that? anyone knows. but that number has come up apparently in scientology, but, you know, another thing about scientology, unless you're in the actual religion, the chch, there's a lot that is -- >> fairly close lipped. >> yeah. >> very mysterious. there are also those discussions that have been going on for quite some time as to the contract that perhaps existed between the two of them. >> right. >> is this the expiration date? what did it involve in terms of auditions earlier on? >> well, from the beginning there were reports saying this was a hook-up. it's not unusual for a celebrity to be arranged to meet a different celebrity. this one is unusual is saying there were auditions, some walked away from the idea and katie reportedly embraced it. some say she would get $3 million for each year of marriage but se reports say that is not the case. >> you traveled with them recently. >> i traveled with them the year that this engagement was announced. when he was promoting "war of the worlds." it was a free-for-all, and even then ther
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)